UV Printing

As I intended to print on Perspex for the exhibition, I have recently bought two sheets of 3mm A3 size Perspex from a local company in Wakefield.

During this busy period, I struggled to get an answer about printing on Perspex as all members of staff are super busy and we also had a bank holiday! Luckily, Stephen (printing technician) had availability today to print my work and simultaneously train up one of my tutors, Liam, how to use the software and machine.










We didn’t encounter many issues during the printing process, except for having to change the opacity on images instead of 40-50% to full opacity. This was due to the UV printing being a bit dull/washed out without printing on white background first. I amended this and we successfully printed both portraits without any mistakes, at an affordable price!

I was very pleased with the final prints and lucky that nothing went wrong! In hindsight, I feel like I should have bought at least one more perspex in case there were any mistakes made. As the cost of the Perspex isn’t too high, it’s something I’d consider for next time.

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