Maison Fleur: A Feast for the Eyes, as well as the Mouth.

I had the ultimate pleasure of combining my two favourite interests: photographing and eating amazing food. Last month, I was invited by the manager at Maison Fleur, to photograph their seasonal menu whilst the hospitality businesses are coming out lockdown across Britain. Maison Fleur is a fairly new restaurant, opening it’s doors March last year… Continue reading Maison Fleur: A Feast for the Eyes, as well as the Mouth.

Photographic Publication of the Year 2018

Shortly before the final hand in for university, I have also been working on producing two extra photobooks for a competition at Łódź Fotofestiwal commencing in June 2018. It was difficult to do this alongside submission, especially because instead of producing one book and maybe a spare - I produced four (two for the competition).… Continue reading Photographic Publication of the Year 2018