Final Book!

Over the past week, I have been developing the final photo book ahead of my deadline this Friday.

After a few too many trips to Manchester to pick up the printed document, I have finally managed to get a copy that was right and I was pleased with!

In the event that I encountered more issues with the external printers, I chose to order A3 G F Smith stock and print at the universities facilities. I had the selection of 4-5 various stocks to choose from, as the university printing bureau already had some G F Smith stock but A4 size.

I decided to go with Zen, Pure White, 120gsm. This was due to the gsm being the same as the Munken Design I chose for the externally printed book.

The paper was slightly more textured and more eggshell than pure white but I’m still happy with the stock. Especially since G F Smith sent me more samples than I paid for, which included Zen card at a high gsm. This meant I could print my cover on this too.

Today was spent binding (5 pamphlet stitch) and trimming down the final four books. I chose to do another two (apart from the back up) as I will be entering Fotofestiwal’s Publication of the Year competition, based in Poland.

The deadline for submissions is soon after my deadline so to make it less stressful later on, I chose to do them all within a short space of time.

Overall, I am very pleased with what I have achieved regarding the design and production of the book, and would love to work on it further over the summer, with the end outcome being publishing it!

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