Complications with Final Book

Today, I was meant to be picking up my prints for my final photo book for the deadline next week. I went to Hobs Repro hopeful that I will be met with my requirements and specifications which I have outlined on my last visit.

Unfortunately, due to miscommunication, the inserts have been printed as single A3 pages, which would make the spreads A2. As this was wrong, Hobs luckily had some of the stock I have chosen left over, and were able to reprint after I clarified what I wanted specifically.

I came back towards the end of the day to collect the reprinted version, and realised that one of the pages (double sided middle spread) was missing from the print outs. The member of staff has said that the machines were not operating at this time of day and I will have to come back again on Tuesday to collect this page.

I was not pleased with the hassle I had encountered at Hobs, however this has been a valuable experience because I know that even professionals make such mistakes. I’m glad that I have given myself enough time for the book to be printed, to ensure I had time to reprint if need be.

As a back up for the deadline, I will be making another two photo books at the university printing bureau. These will be printed on G F Smith stock Zen, Pure White at 120gsm.

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