Book Printing Preparation

After several dummy books, today I was finally ready to send my book to print. I have been recommended to go to Hobs Reprographics, as they print with a HP Indigo Press and on my desired stock.

I have chosen to go with one of the G F Smith’s stock called Munken Design which is a smooth white paper, at 120gsm. The cover will also be printed on Munken Design but at a thicker gsm. To prevent the cracking of the print where it has been creased before the binding process. I have asked Hobs to laminate the outer part of the cover, and for it to be creased by them professionally. This will ensure that the cover is more durable, and will stand the test of time.

For the binding, I haven’t considered any other binding except for a pamphlet stitch. This was due to the experimentation with staple saddle stitch and strip binding, during second year. I have found several issues with it, and the pamphlet stitch provides a sense of intimacy and accuracy to the book. Moving on from the 3 point pamphlet stitch, I have started using 5 point stitch after the Leeds Book Fair. This was to experiment with other methods and find out what suits my work best.

The great thing about printing at Hobs is that they order the stock in for you, rather having to go to G F Smith’s directly. This was ideal as I will need to crease it and bind it myself, so I wanted to leave enough time for these tasks. However, approaching G F Smith’s directly would have been a less costly option.

Overall, I am very happy with the experience of printing externally, and I am hoping for a quick turn around. I am also working on another book for a competition, but producing it in the university. As the submission date for the competition is soon after the deadline for my Final Major project, the internally printed book will be a back up in case of any mistakes made during the creasing/binding process.

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