Continuined experimentation with film.

During the final push of my degree, we have been experiencing some lovely weather in Huddersfield. So, I decided to take out my Zenit around my neighbourhood to experiment shooting on it further.

I’ve shot digital throughout my whole life, so film is still quite a new tool to me. Since shooting in Poland, and around my local area for my project, I have experienced a lot of disappointment when receiving my negatives.

More times than not, I haven’t shot enough photographs, leaving the film empty in parts. Other times, the photographs were underexposed, meaning I had my work cut out in the editing stages.

Since we’ve had some nice evenings here, I wanted to take some time away from the stress of finalising my project, and decided to shoot my familiar surroundings. This was not done for any particular reason, but I believe it is important to document the present.

I walk past these sights almost everyday, but there is something about the mundane that always interested me. The light hitting the buildings and deep, dark shadows were intensified during this late evening, which made me see my immediate surroundings in a different manner.

Going on walks without a particular intention or pressure to achieve a certain type of photograph by the end of the shoot, is something I had missed doing for a while. University has definitely been an intense experience, especially this past year – but it has taught me a lot and changed my perception of the everyday.

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