Exhibition Planning

As we’re coming to the end of the term, and closer to the deadlines, I have had my last individual tutorials which I used to explain my ideas for the exhibition.

After speaking to PHD student Alex Beldea and tutor Stella, I had thought about using Perpex within my installation. The layering aspect of my previous interim exhibition has enabled the audience to interact with the photographs.

Since starting this project and discovering the constant feeling of displacement present, I have gained a lot clarity and therefore decided for the prints to be presented in a more organised matter to illustrate the similarities and differences between places and people, even within the same family. I take my situation for what it is and nothing more.

Exhibition Plan

For the installation of perspex, I have chosen three ‘layers’ combined of my grandmother’s and mother’s portraits and my recent self-portrait. Exploring the archive has made me come to a conclusion that there is an obvious likeness between the three generations.

I have tried to mirror this with the documentary style photographs of my surroundings both in the UK and Poland. The prints of my environments will be printed on on Photo Rag Cotton White 308 gsm, which is similar quality to the Kodak paper available at the university. The Rag paper is white rather than eggshell which is why I chose it over the Kodak paper.



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