APHE x Photo Meet

Today, I have been nominated by one of the course leaders at the university, Richard Mulhearn, for the APHE bursary to attend Offspring Photo Meet in London.


I was one of five nominees selected from the BA Photography final years. The bursary is available to universities across the country which are APHE certified. Each university nominates five students, and from this Frede Spencer, Mimi Mollica and a third part will select two winners from the whole country.

It was a great honour to be nominated for such an award, as it has given me confidence in the subject matter which I’m exploring. For the submission I had to include a short artist statement, biography and between 5-6 images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have chosen images which work well together as a portfolio to demonstrate the various aspects of my subject matter. I have included the images which have stood out to me the most throughout the project. The first and last images show slight repetition due to the angle and subject of the photograph.

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