Meeting Marlena

Through our mutual tutor, Stella, I have been introduced to a photography student currently in her second year called Marlena.

As we are producing projects with similar themes such as migration, Stella suggested we should meet up to talk about our concepts.

We met up to discuss our photo books and to see whether we have any suggestions for each other’s work, but also to get to know each other.

Marlena is Polish too, so it was interesting getting the perspective of another Polish native. Exploring such complex themes and ideas, especially when highlighting the experiences and emotions felt by immigrants when residing abroad – it reassured me that Marlena can agree with my thesis.

As Marlena is also producing a photo book for one of her modules, we discussed the design, text and stock of her book. It was definitely a pleasant first meeting and I’m hoping we’ll carry on interacting whilst I am doing my MA and she’s in her final year!

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