Applying for Masters

Following the post-graduate fair at the university mid March, I have decided to apply for the Digital Media MA at the University of Huddersfield.

Over the course of this academic year I have realised that I would love to continue working in the same way as I have so far, because I feel like I have only just started to delve into complex experiences and feelings that are tangled within them.

Speaking to the course leader of the MA, Rowan Bailey, has helped me to understand what I would be undertaking in terms of course specifics, as well as the opportunity to interact with course mates from different practical backgrounds within art and design.

Rowan was also interested in what I am currently studying within my modules and how I intend to evolve from it. So far, I have started to give it some thought, and I would be interested in exploring the theme of migration further by widening the topic across other immigrants’ experiences.

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